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Flexible Lease Listings

Fully Furnished Condos and Apartments in Downtown and Greater Detroit

Detroit Ford Field

Just Bring Your Suitcase™

Affordable Flex-Lease Housing Available In Metro Detroit Area

TurnkeyRELO offers fully furnished apartments and condos in Detroit and the suburbs. With convenient locations to downtown Detroit retail and entertainment, these short-term housing options are great opportunities when life is in transition.

TurnkeyRELO also offers new fully-furnished apartments to meet your specific corporate housing needs. If the corporate apartment you need is not available, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

If you have already found an unfurnished apartment with the lease in your name, we can bundle all furnishings, utilities, services, and parking into one bill.

We do the legwork for you. 

Trusted Partner

We stand in that housing gap between where you have been and where you are going.

We are your bridge to whatever is next.

"Living Ready" Housing

TurnkeyRELO's flexible leases for condos and houses include  rent, utilities, WiFi, media, furniture and housewares — all ready to go.

Amenities Included in Fully Furnished Apartments

Comerica Park Detroit

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